Kurt Breu
Managing Director

Mr. Breu holds a Bachlor of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from Zurich University of Applied Science, graduated in 1979 and joined a separation equipment supplier. During his 37 years working for the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industry he has acquired a broad knowledge in separation technology and management. Kurt has held various functions in customer testing, analytic lab, R&D, teaching, application and product management, sales, marketing and business development and has broad experience in global, regional and local management in Europe, South Africa, Russia, China and EAPA.

For the oil and gas industry he developed in the 80 ties high pressure pilot plants for testing of gas dehydration and gas sweetening system, was involved in moving distillation column tests, start-up and troubleshooting of industrial plants. Over 10 years he served the oil and gas industry as component and system supplier doing process design, sales and management.


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Ewout Barents
Operations Manager/ Deputy Management

Mr. Barents holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Arnhem Polytechnic Institute and has acquired a broad knowledge of materials and production technologies. He graduated in 2004 and joined a separation systems company in 2005 where he became responsible for the operations in the test facilities. During his career he was closely involved with the execution of the ongoing research and development programs and assisted shaping these to perfection, partly overseas. Mr. Barents was sent to offshore facilities on numerous occasions for testing and commissioning of equipment supplied.

Ewout Barents