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About us

ProLabNL provides a full range of test facilities for oil and gas process equipment and instrumentation; from low pressure to high pressure test loops using model fluids and actual live hydrocarbons to simulate realistic oil and gas field conditions. The low pressure test loops offer visual observation possibilities with tests from small to full scale at LP (Low Pressure) conditions using model fluids, whereas the multiphase HP (high pressure) test loop offers 100% realistic high pressure tests, at actual scale, using actual crude and HP hydrocarbon gas.

ProLabNL has proven its expertise in a number of high profile process equipment development and qualification for oil and gas industries projects in the past decade. ProlabNL is not involved in equipment design and supply but focuses solely on testing services for third parties.

Our flowloops can be used for technology qualification of process equipment and instruments such as multiphase and wet gas flowmeters, separation equipment, cooling equipment, instrumentation, etc. for the oil and gas industries.