ProLabNL R&D services

To innovate, a variety of expertise, skills, business processes and equipment are required!

ProLabNL provides full operational testing facility for a wide range of industries and equipment.

We provide our customers with access to critical skills, technical support, experienced project manager and operators, and to an extensive range of equipment. All business processes and safety and environmental measures are established and ISO certified. Procurement, maintenance, cleaning and waste handling are in place and part of the projects.

Important to know that based on customer’s specifications time and cost of projects are fixed which allows customer to control schedule and cost and eventually to enhance project’s performance.

Please consider to outsource testing and analytical services for R&D to ProLabNL:

  1. Benefit from our applied and experimental research service, from our experience, knowledge and equipment.
  2. Do your technical qualification in an experienced test lab, access specialized know-how and skills and resources not available in your company.
  3. Have access to equipment you do not have necessarily available in-house.
  4. Avoid investing in own facility which are limited used, and to hire temporary extra staff,  to handle logistic or purchasing,  to establish required business processes and safety and environmental measures and applying for an operating license.
  5. Reduce cost not having to invest in a facility or equipment used for punctual projects, save cost of maintaining equipment and administration cost setting up a new activity and business processes, spare money on wages, trainings and maintenance for specific devices.
  6. Reduce work from overburdened R&D personnel and let them concentrate on the scientific tasks and core activities.
  7. Reduce time and cost from product development to the market
ProLabNL is a reliable partner, data security and privacy is given and can be supported by a non-disclosure agreement or strategic alliance agreement. ProLabNL does not have patent rights and therefore patent rights can be utilized by our customer.

Produced water treatment equipment or system
. R&D and qualification works to test, verify, study the operability, enhance separation to reduce contamination in produced water stream .