ProLabNL’s test facilities are reliable and support fast and cost effective technology qualification.

The main objectives of qualification projects are typically:

    • The verification of proper operational performance under realistic conditions
    • The formulation of generally applicable design rules for a wide change of operating conditions

Three different important activities are necessary to reach these objectives:

    • Visualization of internal phenomena with various model oils under atmospheric conditions to enable thorough verification of CFD modelling results
    • Large scale test under realistic conditions (full hydrocarbon, high pressure)
    • Fluid properties characterization

ProLabNL has three flow loop areas which are designed to support the different stages of a technology qualification project:

    • LP Flow Loops & MP Loop: ProLabNL offers up to eight (8) LP flow loops for small to full scale testing at low pressure (atmospheric to 7 barg) with model fluids (model oils, air, water). The equipment used in the LP loops offers visual observation of the internal phenomena that enable thorough verification of CFD modeling results.

The MP loop area is an extension of the ATEX zone (HP Loop area) which allows for atmospheric to low pressure testing with crude oil and is suitable for loops similar to the ones in the LP flow loop area.

    • HP Loop: The HP loop is used for large scale testing under realistic field conditions using live hydrocarbons (crude oil and hydrocarbon gas). Testing in the HP loop is the final stage of a typical technology qualification project.

Testing in flow loops is supported by fluid properties characterization done in our state-of-the-art in-house Analytical Laboratory. It is of crucial importance that the emulsion properties and physical characteristics of the fluids that are used in the flow loops are known. The laboratory analyses of samples is done using industry accepted testing standards (ASTM) and complies with the ISO standards (ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001).


LP loop