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High Pressure Flowloop

The test flow loop offers 100% actual scale conditions for oil and gas processing technology qualification. It has a design pressure of 90 barg and can serve up to 60 barg test pressure. The gas and liquid phases are pumped and metered independently in the flow loop. These phases are commingled upstream of the test section in the flow loop. The flow loop has the flexibility to fulfill our client’s requirements for equipment and instrumentation development and qualification in the test sections. The combination of 3-phase operation, live hydrocarbon fluids and full-scale flow rates make this the most performant multiphase flow loop worldwide.

HP Loop Test Section:

    • Inlet/Outlet Connections: 10-inch ANSI 600# 
    • Material of Construction for all wetted parts in Test Section: Duplex SS
    • Test Section Available Space: 15 m x 6 m (additional space accommodations can be made upon request)

The HP flow loop has been successfully used in the following application areas:

    • 2-phase (gas/liquid and liquid/liquid) conventional and compact separator testing
    • 3-phase (gas/liquid/liquid) conventional and compact separator testing
    • Multiphase and Wet Gas flow meter tests at full scale (both topside and subsea applications)

Testing in the HP flow loop can be done using a combination of any of the following fluids:

    • Hydrocarbon gas (CH4), Nitrogen, CH4 with up to 40% vol. CO2
    • Crude Oil
    • Model Oil (Exxsol, Naphthenic and the like)
    • Fresh water, Brine (up to 25% salinity)
    • Testing with higher CO2 requires further compatibility assessment

Flow Loop and Required Test Equipment Design Conditions:

    • Design Pressure: Max. 90 barg ≈ 1.305 psig
    • Design Temperature: 0 – 120°C ≈ 248 F
    • Differential Pressure across Test Section: max. 2,25 bar ≈ 33 psi

Testing in the HP flow loop can be done using either OR both of the following modes of operation:

    • Option A: Wet Gas Mode
    • Option B: Multiphase Mode

The table below provides the operating envelopes of both modes of operation of the HP flowloop:


    • Gas and Liquid reference meters
    • Temperature, Pressure and Differential Pressure transmitters
    • Online Gas Densitometer
    • Gas Volume Fraction
    • Nucleonic Level Measurement