Technology Qualification


Technology qualification is critical to oil&gas process equipment, the following factors play an important role:

  • The need for unconventional process solutions has strongly increased
  • New equipment needs to be thoroughly tested and characterized before it can be operated under oil field conditions
  • Major operators don’t want to take risks with untested process equipment. Mitigating the risks through proper technology qualification is critical


The requirements for a successful qualification project are:

  • Test conditions need to be as realistic as possible (both equipment scale and fluid properties)
  • In order to identify and quantify physical phenomena that play a critical role, it is also necessary to carry out visual tests and simulations (e.g. CFD)
  • Relevant experience / expertise to interpret results is critical


Those requirements are all covered by the expertise of our engineers and the characteristics of our flowloops. In addition, ProlabNL can offer the following additional value to qualification projects:

  • Tests with automated data acquisition and control systems
  • Correlate test results with CFD simulation results
  • Fluid characterization laboratory on site
  • Droplets size distribution analysis expertise with high speed cameras and laser diffraction measurements.
  • Extensive experience with model fluids and crude oils


ProlabNL has flow loops available to perform testing of oil/gas equipment for third parties as follows:

  • Multiphase flow meter testing  (both LP and HP loops)
  • Testing with mixtures of sand,oil,water and air (sand settling, erosion, fluidisation, slurry transport etc)
  • Evaluation of flow regimes, slugging behavior in flowlines
  • Droplet size measurement in oil/water flows, gas/liquid flows etc
  • 2 phase gas-liquid separation  (both conventional and compact process equipment)
  • 3 phase oil-water-gas separation  (conventional and compact equipment)
  • Produced water treatment equipment


ProlabNL offers reliable and fast technology qualification in all the required phases of a project. One of the technology qualification projects executed is an “Accelerated qualification of a deep water subsea separation system” as seen in ProlabNL’s poster below

Accelerated qualification of deep water subsea separation systems

Click here to read the poster