Process Laboratories


Low Pressure Flow Loop

Our Atmospheric facility for testing at low or atmospheric pressure is equipped with multiple test loops for operation with air, chemicals, hydrocarbon liquid, water and sand used for development and testing of conventional and compact separation equipment. Easily modified, combined or scaled for R&D applications in your industry.

Low Presure Flow Loop:

The 1000m2 Atmospheric and low pressure facility features several Flowloop sections.

Atmospheric Test Loop I

  • 2.500 Am³/h air and 25 m³/h of liquid (hydrocarbon liquid + water)
  • Equipped with 20 inch vertical scrubber

Atmospheric Test Loop II

  • 1.500 Am³/h air and 200 m³/h of liquid (hydrocarbon liquid + water)
  • Equipped with see-through separator of 1.200 mm ID

Hydrocyclone Test Loop

  • The test loop has a liquid handling capacity of up to 3 – 12 m³/h of oily water (up to 2.000 ppm OiW)

Low Pressure Test Loop custom built for client test

Compact Bulk De-oiling Cyclone Test Loop

  • The test loop has a liquid handling capacity of up to 16 m³/h of liquid (multiple cyclone liners in a max three stage configuration, up to 30% v/v hydrocarbon liquid).

Inline Desanding Test Loop

  • Feed section: 125 m³/hr liquid (4” piping)
  • Test section: Equipped with sand feeder with sand concentration up to max. 1.000 ppm

Sand Removal Cyclone Test Loop

  • 50 m³/h water flow rate
  • Equipped with a 6 m long 2.000 mm ID open vessel

Sand Management System Test Loop

  • Feed section: 20 – 40 m³/h water

Gas Flotation Test Loop

  • Up to 100 m3/h water with up to 400 ppm oil in water
  • Equipped with see-through flotation vessel of 1.200 mm ID x 6 m long

Material of Construction in the LP and MP Loops:

  • Stainless steel
  • PVC (opaque and transparent materials) and Plexiglass (non-metallic materials only for visual observation at atmospheric pressure)

Adjustments of flowloops, including test sections, are possible to meet our customer’s needs. Depending on the complexity of the project, one or more flowloops can be adjusted and/or combined to make one big flowloop for the project.

ProlabNL also provides particle size analysis using laser diffraction technology and high speed camera which enable liquid-liquid, liquid-gas and solid-liquid droplets size measurements, droplets behaviour in emulsions etc.