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ProLabNL is a test facility for process equipment and technology verification for oil and gas, chemical and water treatment applications, located in Arnhem (Netherlands).

ProLabNL offers state-of-the-art flowloops and facilities operating with actual live hydrocarbon fluids from low to high pressure. Several major companies have used ProLabNL for their topside and subsea technology qualification programs at the most realistic field conditions and in the shortest possible time.

 ProLabNL is independent, both in terms of ownership as well as from technology point of view, and focuses on testing services while ensuring Customers’ IP rights are protected at all times.

Technology Qualification

Through the full leverage of expertise, ProLabNL is able to:

provide a practical approach to demonstrate the working capabilities of your equipment;

apply a wide range of performance requirements for operating conditions;

characterize your technology with existing operating conditions or new ones (after modifications);

support you with the necessary evidence required to prove an acceptable level of confidence of your technology.

High Pressure Flow Loop

Our high-pressure facility for testing at actual scale conditions in 2-Phase and 3-Phase operation using live hydrocarbon fluids, fresh water, high salinity brine and full-scale flow is developed for testing of conventional and compact separation equipment as well as Multiphase- and Wet Gas flow meter testing.

Low Pressure Flow Loop

Our Atmospheric facility for testing at low or atmospheric pressure is equipped with multiple test loops for operation with air, chemicals, hydrocarbon liquid, water and sand used for development and testing of conventional and compact separation equipment. Easily modified, combined or scaled for R&D applications in your industry.

Laboratory Analysis

Our on-site Analytical Laboratory operates on principles based on ISO 17025 for full fluid property characterization analyses and offers fast and reliable measurement of critical fluid properties in aid of the testing in our flowloops or as third party laboratory.

Field Services

Testing at your site using the ProLabNL capabilities. We offer our equipment, processes, engineering capability, operators, and analytics to provide you with the ability to test on your site and within the actual process.