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About us

The most advanced multiphase flowloop, simulating 50.000 bbl/d oilfield conditions with live hydrocarbons, CO2 and Ultra High Salinity Brine at high pressures.

About us

ProLabNL is a privately owned company providing a full range of test facilities for processing equipment and instrumentation, from low pressure test loops using model fluids to full scale flow loop using different types of crude oils and hydrocarbon gases at high pressure (60-70 bars).

Founded in 2009, ProLabNL has gained over more than a decade of extensive operational and technical knowledge on oil separation applications/technologies​, enabling our Customers to develop and qualify technologies or to perform reliable verification of equipment​ such as multiphase / wet gas flowmeters, separation equipment, instrumentation, etc. for various industries.

ProLabNL is certified to international quality, environmental, safety and health standards (ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001).