Testing with ultra-high salinity (> 23%wt) brine and hydrocarbon fluids poses a technical challenge to the oil industry.

When stainless steel is exposed to an environment rich in chlorides, it can result in pitting corrosion. This represents a problem in technology verification campaigns.

Today we are delighted to inform you that a specialized consultancy company performed a study which confirmed that the ProLabNL High Pressure Flowloop is able to serve testing with ultra-high salinity level.

We are currently already conducting a test project at ultra-high salinity with real crude oils, hydrocarbon gas and at high pressures and temperatures!

So, should you need testing of one or more flowmeters and process equipment:
• with real hydrocarbon fluids
• at elevated pressures and temperatures
• at large flowrates
• at ultra-high salinity
• in any configuration

Do not hesitate to contact us (info@prolabnl.com), we are looking forward to work together to serve your needs!